by Open Letters

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Physical copies of our 12-inch LP available on August 14th, 2015

Everything we bring in from this will be going straight to WISH Drop In Centre Society (wish-vancouver.net). Give us whatever you think we deserve for it! If you can't afford it, go do something great for somebody that could use you and tell us about it.

Take care of each other.


released August 14, 2015

Release by Tipper Gore Records and Kingfisher Bluez

Recorded by Curtis Buckoll at Ruby's Palace

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege



all rights reserved


Open Letters Vancouver, British Columbia

Vegan Straight Edge Idiots.

All ages all the time.

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Track Name: Still Shitty
This pain is unconditional.
My neck is breaking next, inch from the bitter pull.
It gets so goddamn old.
Another wasted year, why the fuck am I still living here?
And if I stick around here's to 12 more months of letting people down.
Since we talked I am no better.
It's fucking useless I can't put my thoughts together.
Numb this tongue and place in queue.
Sure, I'm sober now but I still self abuse.
Track Name: Bad Poise For Life
I have no self control.
I had to drive you home.
Didn't want to be alone, this feels so fucking hollow.
I picked the bridge I cannot swim and dug the hole I'm settled in.
I can't fix what I've meddled in.
I know it's over.
I'm in over my head.
You felt the same way too.
I should have never talked to you.
Now I'm always on the run, this is a new low, it's fucking awful.
It gets harder every year and I'm trying but I can't decide if it is worth it if I always feel like shit.
Track Name: Walk Towards The Light (Rock)
I don't know how to ask for help, I just fight it by myself.
I'm fine on the outside.
I'm just a speck of dust.
I'm just a grain of sand when I slip right through your hand.
Just a fading star, just a dying star.
You're the owner of a broken heart and I feel so cold, more than you will ever know because I'm lying to you.
Track Name: Literal Human Garbage//The Virtues Of Disbelief
For my own farewell be sure my bones don't burn.
Let me slowly decompose and let the soil take its turn when the memories inside my eyes have ashed away.
I'm not going to go like this.
It's all over now.
Hallelujah, I have faith in nothing everlasting.
Nothing is surpassing, there is no life after death.
I have peace of mind knowing nothing's left.
Track Name: I Am Feeling This
Why the fuck should I not use my fist when all you will get is a slap on the wrist?
Track Name: Dear Friends
I probably hate you and all of your friends.
Maybe that's just my anxiety talking.
I don't understand how anyone could appreciate me.
I'd rather be stuck with all of your hate than this fake attitude that everyone seems to present to me.
Oh yeah, you like my stupid band.
Maybe I should try to accept it, maybe I should believe it when you tell me you enjoy my company.
Well what the fuck, all my closest friends, we sit in silence.
Well this is what is on my mind.
This is the answer to your question about why I'm so angry towards you and probably everyone else.
I can't help it, I'm never comfortable.
Track Name: I'm Getting Too Old For This Shit
It's irrational, the thought won't break beyond the skull.
It feels like the answer when there is no one else to call.
Can't tell my best friends or my siblings.
So hang me to dry.
Don't worry in the mourning, I slept right through the night.
I'll float to shore and then you'll find me and wrap your arms around me.
I can feel the dissonance between losing the ones you love and trying to make it through.
Track Name: Drugs Will Tear Us Apart
It's hard to find my role as your best friend.
You lost control and weight but we pretend it's okay to live this way but we both know that you cry when you're alone.
Can I please be your friend?

You scratch your skin when you aren't faded with your friends.
I wish it was like back when we would hang out on weekends.
Now I'm at my house, I've lost my hold and I'm wondering when you won't cry when you're alone.
Track Name: The Shape Of Complaint Rock To Come
I've lost my friends but I'm still indifferent, more stoic than I've ever been, it's true.
It's only time before I can leave it all behind.
Catch out from missing out.
I've got a feeling that it all comes down on me slowly.
So much of it is out of grasp I can't see.
It hurts when I am dreaming of you, please leave me alone.
It was always cold.
I wish I knew it all before.
Heart deep but my bones feel weak.
Inside your dreams it never had to be just me.
Past lovers tore us apart.
When I was in my head it was always fine, too bad it rots away when you cross the line.
When did it all go wrong?
That first time I met you? That first time I kissed you? Your warm embrace?
Our love or our lovers?
Track Name: Pity Party (No Moms Allowed)
My body's just a vessel that I can't get out.
Too scared to pull the trigger someone help me now.
Nothing is worth breathing.
Nothing is worth believing.
I don't believe in love, it's just the absence of pain.
This ache is building up to come back again but worse, it's always worse and I know goddamn it won't get better first.
My existence is cursed.
It's hard on the surface, it pulls me under, it's warm for a moment.
I feel my lungs cave in, losing my senses, it's warm for a moment.
Track Name: It's Cool But Unfun Already Did It
Wasted. I really should have known and kept to my self instead of wandering on with you.
It was a fling inside a lovers' quarrel.
You destroyed my world.
I'm fucking done, this life is no more fun, I'm gonna kill myself.
Tell me to stay with you for one more day for sake of mental health
I spend every single day alone, I might as well deactivate my phone 'cuz there's noone left.
Don't even wanna try no more, waking up is such a fucking chore. I can't live this way and I'm just so sick of doing everything wrong.
My life is shit, it's time I fucking quit, I'm gonna kill myself.
Don't waste your breath, I'm comfortable with death, I'm gonna burn in hell.
I know what a piece of shit of shit I've been.
I feel like a fucking waste of skin.
I've got nothing left.
Don't even get dressed no more, no reason left to walk out the door.
I feel alone with friends and I'm just so sick of doing everything wrong.
I'm alone and I've got no worry in the world.
Everything is beautiful and nothing ever hurt until you.
Track Name: I'm A Goddamn Homewrecker
The six months we spent in vain, you loved me with his surname.
I never should have listened to the promises you made and broke.
I never knew how much he meant to you, you played it off like you were forced in and so much better off divorcing.
You felt no hope.
I'll never sum up, I fuck up everything that I touch.
In my words I sound so sure but even I am so afraid to jump.
You want what's best for you, I hope you get yours too.
Til' death or entitlement it's so convenient to get right back with him.
You'd never see it through.
I'm holding onto you.